Grenville Snowmobile Association

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Grenville Snowmobile Association

After going through some rough times, we have finally been able to get the frost in the ground, and enough snow to put the groomer to work.

We had planned on a sled race originally scheduled for February 9, 2019, but because of the melt down two weeks ago, where we lost the track with about 14" of snow, we had to cancel and due to other scheduled events have been unable to reschedule again this season.

We are still receiving questions as to why certain trails are not open, and if not why are they still on the map. First of all, the maps are done for a 3year period, and secondly, we have still tried to have the landowner who closed off approximately 30 kms of our trails, relent but it hasn't worked, and we will likely adjust the map this year when up for renewal.

We continue to look for help for the club and should you have any interest in any part of the club operation, we would be happy to hear from you.

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