Grenville Snowmobile Association

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Grenville Snowmobile Association

Preparations for the upcoming season have started. Brushing, bridge repairs and bridge construction/refurbishing will keep us busy. Fund Raisers are also planned, please have a look at our schedule under 'Events'. It always takes many volunteers to have a successful season, both for trail work and in the clubhouse for fund raisers.

We have recently purchased a Defibrillator for the Clubhouse. A very successful fund raiser was held for this purchase so as not to remove funds from our general accounts. Thanks to all our contributors; Proctor & Gamble, The Cow Paddy Boys, Axens Canada Specialty Aluminas Inc. (formerly Alcan) and the many individuals that made private donations.

If able to help please contact any one of our Executive as listed elsewhere on this site. If unable to volunteer, please attend one of our fund raisers and bring your friends.

What's New

Nov 7, 2015, Craft Show, 9am to 3pm.

Nov 22, 2015, Dinner/Dance - Starts 2pm.

Jan 24, 2016, Dinner/Dance - Starts 2pm.

See more scheduled functions under Events

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