Grenville Snowmobile Association

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Grenville Snowmobile Association

President's Message:

With the up and down weather situation, and some late corn and beans being harvested, we have finally been to get our pickets and sign in and the groomers made their first passes this week. Snow conditions are not the best, but we will take what is there. We made an attempt to open a another loop trail, but due to major water problems had to abandon that idea for another season. In October a group of volunteers resurfaced the Nation River Bridge which needed major work. Thank you to those who participated.

This past summer, the Leeds and Grenville Snowmobile Association was disbanded and the remaining clubs are now stand alone clubs. So trail permits can be directed to any of the individual clubs. The Piston Bully groomer is under the Grenville Clubs control, and grooms Grenville and Elizabethtown trails. Remember, trail permit dollars do not nearly cover grooming expenses so anything you can do to volunteer time and or equipment, it would be sincerely appreciated.

I would like to point out that the club has over 200 permit holders so far in 2019-2020, but a handful of volunteers. Age is catching up on this handful of volunteers and the future doesn't look very rosy, so I encourage you to think about volunteering either on trails or in the clubhouse.

Have a safe and fun season of snowmobiling and hope to see you on the trails.

Bernie Davy, 613-925-2261, email:

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